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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens after I sign up as a Telco Experts’ client?

Once your Sales Partner has submitted your Service Agreement to our Operations Team, your account will be issued a Project Manager. This person is carefully trained in the entire Service Transition Process. They will communicate with you, your vendor and anyone you need them to in order to ensure you are comfortable every step of the way. Additionally, Telco Experts’ Project Managers are professional and courteous. Just as important, they are empowered to make decisions to resolve any issues that arise along the way. This means no waiting for an “escalation” or “call back from a Supervisor“. We have successfully integrated technology with the human touch, to provide our clients with superior client service – every time, all the time.

I just received my first Telco Experts invoice. Why does this bill appear to be more expensive than what I was paying with my previous carrier?

As with all service providers, Telco Experts always bills monthly recurring charges (MRCs) one month in advance. Also, keep in mind that your previous provider will issue you any credits due to you (your company) on the final invoice you receive from them.

Why am I receiving a bill from Telco Experts as well as my previous carrier this month?

Up until the date when you officially switch to Telco Experts as your service provider, your old provider will continue to charge you for calls, monthly recurring charges, etc. However, your previous service provider will issue any credits due to you (your company) on your final bill with them. Please keep in mind that any final charges and credits will appear on the final invoice you receive from your old provider. Should you still have any questions or concerns, you can email us at or call us at 800-795-6200 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

What is the FCC Line Charge?

The FCC line charge is a regulated fee that users of voice services pay to their local phone company to connect you to the telephone network. This fee permits the local phone company to recover some of the costs associated with the installation and maintenance of telephone wire, poles and other facilities that link your business to the network.

What is a PICC Charge?

The Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier Charge (PICC) is a fee that long distance companies pay to local telephone companies to help them recover part of the costs of providing the “local loop”.

Who should I contact to add services and/or features to my Telco Experts account?

Adding services is as easy as a few clicks or a simple call. Either email us at or call our Customer Service team at 800-795-6200 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you. Depending upon your needs, they may also reach out to your Sales Partner or your Project Manager to ensure you are receiving the best possible solution to meet your business’s needs.