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The charges shown below are applied to various telecommunications services subscribed to by Telco Experts’ customers. For a detailed list of applicable charges for your services within your state, please contact Telco Experts at 1-800-795-6200 and speak with a Representative.

Surcharges, Taxes and Fees

Local Number Portability:

The Federal Communications Commission permits telephone companies to add this charge to all telephone lines as compensation for creating systems which allow residential and business telephone customers the ability to retain, at the same location, their existing local telephone numbers when switching from one local telephone service to another. Additional information can be found on the FCC web site at

E911 Surcharge

911 has been designated as the “Universal Emergency Number” for all citizens throughout the United States to request emergency assistance. The purpose of the fee is to “pay for” the cost of such systems. Consumers do not pay this fee in order to be provided with E911 service. A consumer has access to E911 whether or not the locality in which the consumer lives has imposed the monthly charge line that appears on their phone bill. There is no per-call charge for calling 911.
This surcharge is a flat fee paid by the consumer. The surcharge required to be collected by the service provider shall be added to and stated separately in its billings to the customer.

State & Local Sales Taxes:

Taxes paid by consumers and directly submitted to appropriate state, county or city authorities. City school district taxes are also collected under sales tax law provisions. Rates are percentage based and are assessed on calls to entertainment and information services, such as those dialed using 500, 700, 800 or 900 telephone numbers, and are taxed at an additional rate. All intrastate services, including all surcharges, except the E911 charge are taxed under the State and Local percentage rates.

State and Federal Taxes:

This is the amount of your state and federal taxes which varies by your location. All telephone companies assess the same percentages.

Federal Universal Service Fund:

A federal surcharge on interstate and international telephone services to support universal service programs such as the schools and libraries discount program. The Federal USF is also assessed on the Federal Line Charge and the Local Number Portability Charge. This surcharge also supports telecommunication needs of consumers in low-income households and rural healthcare providers. All telecommunications companies are required to pay a specific percentage of their interstate and international revenues into the USF.

Monthly Access Recovery Charge:

The Monthly Access Recovery Charge (MARC) is a charge designed to recover, in part, Telco Experts costs of purchasing local access service from Local Exchange Carriers (LECs), which include regulatory fees the LECs assess on Telco Experts.

Effective with the first invoice after July 15, 2008, Telco Experts will begin billing a Monthly Access Recovery Charge (MARC) and applicable taxes. This charge will be based on the price of the local access service component that is integrated into the following enhanced services: Managed Internet Service (MIS), Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and/or Private Network Transport (PNT) service and Telco Experts VPN Tunneling Service (AVTS). MARC is percentage based and is subject to change.

State Gross Receipts Tax:

A tax levied by a state government on all intrastate and interstate telephone services.

Carrier Cost Recovery Charge:

The Carrier Cost Recovery Charge recovers national costs associated with various federal regulatory fees and programs. Rates vary from company to company as do the services in which the charge is assessed.

State Excise Tax:

A tax levied by a state government on all intrastate and interstate telephone services.

Federal Excise Tax:

These are taxes mandated by the federal government. They are imposed on local and wireless telephone services.

Federal TRS and Administration Fee:

The Federal Telecom Relay Service (TRS) fee is a fee on all carriers providing interstate telecommunications must support TRS, which enables telephone conversations between people with speech/hearing impairments and those without. The Federal TRS surcharged is assessed as a percentage of interstate toll charges interstate and international telephone services. The Federal TRS is also assessed on the Federal Line Charge and the Local Number Portability Surcharge.

MTA Surcharge:

A surcharge which is assessed on NY state gross receipts and NY state excise taxes. It applies only to the 12 county Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District. The receipts from the surcharge are earmarked for the Mass Transportation Operating Assistance Fund which supports public transportation..