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Net Neutrality Debate Threatens 911 Emergency Services

While the net neutrality debate rages on across the blogosphere and peeks its head out again in Washington, D.C., much of the United States remains either ignorant of net neutrality or ambivalent. A recent poll conducted by Google Consumer Surveys showed that roughly 57 percent of Americans felt they “do not know enough about net neutrality” to make a decision in support or opposition (Google, 2014).

Those who do feel informed enough to make a decision support net neutrality rules, but not by a very large margin. While I will not hide my bias towards supporting net neutrality legislation, I will say that the arguments largely proposed for supporting net neutrality misses the bigger picture – critical infrastructure.

I would like to address the first of multiple pieces of critical infrastructure that are dependent upon the Internet and its equal treatment of information. These vital services are in the crosshairs if net neutrality is undermined.

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