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New Channel Manager for Telco Experts

Rutherford, NJ – Telco Experts has announced the appointment of James W. Dacey to the position of Channel Manager. James (Jay) will be responsible for the on-going development of Telco Experts’ presence by recruiting, developing and maintain new agent relationships.

Eric Klein, CEO of Telco Experts, has announced the hiring of Telco Experts new Channel Manager, Mr. Jay Dacey. During a telephone conversation with Mr. Klein he had the following to say regarding Jay’s hiring, “Jay’s experience in sales and business development, along with concrete driven results in selling solutions and services has provided him the tools necessary to take the Telco Experts’ Agent Program to the next level. Having Jay join the Telco Experts family is a win for all parties! We are very excited for Jay to be joining Telco Experts!”

Get to know Jay….

I conducted an interview with Jay in an effort to learn more about the man behind all of the excitement at Telco Experts this week and here is a piece of our interview.

Q: Jay, congratulations on your new position with Telco Experts. Can you share what your primary goal will be with Telco Experts during the first year?

A: “Sure, and thank you for the congratulations and warm welcoming. It is my desire to furnish agents with a positive experience when working with Telco Experts. Being able to provide solutions that are not “canned” and are truly a right fit for the each customer is paramount to growing the Agent’s business, Telco Experts’ business and even have an impact on the growth of the client’s business. In order to reach this goal, I intend to be hands on with our agents. I will be there helping them learn about Telco Experts’, teaching them about the array of products and services which Telco Experts offers and ultimately ensuring that positive experience is felt all the way to the client.”

Q: What do you see as a challenge you will face in the upcoming year:

A: “I believe getting the Telco Experts name and service offerings out to all Agents may be the greatest challenge, but I welcome this!” Telco Experts has proven to their current Agents and clients, time and again that they possess the skills, tools and knowledge both in the back-office as well as through the Agent Support Team to provide superior value and superior quality of service to each of the Agents’ customers. At the end of the day, overcoming this challenge will be proven through positive feedback and long-lasting, profitable relationships.”

Q: Those are two large goals you have in front of you. How do you intend to meet , manage and succeed at handling them?

A: “I know it is not going to be as easy as I am going to make it sound, however, I believe that through constant communication with my agents and subagents as well as dedication to Telco Experts, I know I will be able to keep on top of our sales goals and minimize any potential obstacles we might be facing. Open communication with the Agents plus open communications within Telco Experts is formula to success!”

Q: Can you tell me a little history about your career prior to joining Telco Experts?

A: “Absolutely, in 1991, I founded the Independent School Telephone Consortium. By the time I left, I had grown the program to over 65 members with three (3) providers and proudly generated revenues in excess of $1,000,000.00 per year!”

“Then in 1994 I worked with ACC Business. While there, I opened up the New England Market for Agent Sales. During that time, I was responsible for recruiting agents and developing affinity and association deals that ultimately produced a run rate in excess of $6,000,000.00 year.”

“Finally, in 1998, I was became one of the founding members of Paetec Communications. Again, I worked on opening up the New England Region for Agent Sales. I was responsible bringing some of the first Voice and Data customers onto the Paetec Network. While at Paetec, I created a book of business that had a run rate in excess of $13,000,000.00 per year, was the first member of the Chairman’s Circle on the Sales side of the Organization, and was a 7 time winner in the Presidents Club.”

Q: Will you share with me and our readers a little bit about your personal life? I’m sure there is another side of you that our readers would like to know about and possibly even find themselves relating to you.

A: “My personal life…sure…as for the personal info yes I am married. I have a wonderful wife Judy and we have been married for 17 years going on 18 in May. We have 4 beautiful children. Our oldest is Jacqueline; she is 13 years old. We also have twin sons Kevin and Connor who are 10 years old, and our youngest daughter, Molly is 6 years old.

When I am not at work, I take full advantage of being a husband and father. I enjoy spending my spare time with my wife and children. The kids are very involved in athletics so on weekends you will find me at a hockey rink or at an Irish step dance event. I like to do a little golfing, love going to the beach with the family and when the occasion arrives I am reading something; I am an avid reader.

To learn more about Jay Dacey and how to become a member of the Telco Experts Agent Program, please call Telco Experts at 800-795-6200..

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