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New NYC Location

Rutherford, NJ – Telco Experts, a provider of voice, data, internet services as well as business telephone hardware, announced yesterday that they have officially signed an agreement to relocate their current NYC Sales and Executive Personnel office effective May 1st, 2010.

According to Adam Goldberg, VP of Telco Experts, the decision to move the Manhattan office to 120 Broadway, 2nd Floor, was made in order to accommodate the company’s continual growth and to offer the Sales and Executive Team the necessary resources needed to hold meetings and training sessions with their current personnel; in addition to the ever growing team of Agents joining Telco Experts.

Additionally, the 120 Broadway office also permits Telco Experts to focus on long term growth (including the ability to demonstrate new product and service offerings and new personnel) without having to worry about the size of their facility.

To contact Telco Experts regarding additional information on their move or to speak with someone regarding Telco Experts Sales/Agent Program, you may contact them via email at or via telephone at 800-795-6200 and ask for Jay Dacey or Eric Klein..

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