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TEM Software Launch

Telco Experts announces partnership agreement with iTEMize Technologies

Announcing our new TEM product…SysTEMize powered by iTEMize Technologies

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a powerful, simple, AND affordable solution that truly works to reduce telecom expenses?

SysTEMize, Telco Experts’ TEM (Telecom Expense Management) solution, provides your company a more effective and efficient way to manage all Telecommunications’ expenses. Eric Klein, CEO of Telco Experts, stated during an interview, “SysTEMize provides a user-friendly, single point of entry database for tracking and managing all aspects relating to the expenses of our clients’ telecommunications investments which they have made over time.”

This state of the art software is affordable and is the software solution for businesses to rely upon when they need to manage invoices, inventory, initial bill audits, contracts, dispute tracking, and monthly invoices; all without having to allocate their most valued resources…their employees.

Some Facts:

  • Telecom expenses are a significant challenge in any business.
  • 85% of mistakes are in favor of the carrier.
  • Current processes are often time consuming and are not cost effective.

When speaking with Telco Experts’ Agent Program Manager, Jay Dacey, he expressed his anticipation for Telco Experts’ agents to be able to offer SysTEMize to potential and existing clients. SysTEMize provides our clients with:

ü Real visibility into their costs

ü Superior management and control via

o Enhanced tracking

o Auditing and

o Automated cost allocation

ü Expert analysis and support by Telco Experts

ü Single location database for anything and everything telecom

ü And the comfort and peace of mind about a significant cost area.

Call Telco Experts today at 1-800-795-6200 for more information on SysTEMize.

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