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DSL Internet Services
Digital Subscriber Lines

For those clients looking for back up data services, or those who do not require the high-speed services of a T1, Telco Experts can provide reliable SDSL and ADSL service. Symmetrical or Asymmetrical DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology allows data and voice transmissions to be provided simultaneously over a single copper telephone line.

ADSL is a high quality cost effective option that is different than other types of DSL service because the data flow speed is greater in one direction than the other. Currently, Telco Experts offers DSL at a wide array of speeds.

SDSL uses the high frequency area of your telephone wiring, and supports the same data speeds for both uploading and downloading. Telco Experts offers speeds up to 1.5 Mbps.

All DSL products require a Telco Expert to verify your location to ensure services can be offered.

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