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neX Unified Communications Platform Overview

neX is a VoIP applications platform that allows customers to utilize cutting edge voice/VoIP applications to unify their telecommunications needs. neX unified application offerings include Hosted IP‐PBX, IP Centrex, Business Trunking, Mobile PBX, and Residential/SOHO Feature Bundles. neX is an IP standards‐based, next‐generation platform and supports leading protocols such as SIP. Deployed at the network core, neX provides features through multiple architectures, including legacy telephony and next generation VoIP capabilities. neX delivers these features with unmatched interoperability, back office capabilities, redundancy, and scalability.


Single System for Unified Communications‐ neX offers the widest range of features from a single network‐based system, including call control, private voice networking, unified messaging, and conferencing.

Dominant IP based Application Server‐ The neX IP platform has been selected as the IMS Application Server for many leading switching providers.

Open, Standards‐Based Architecture‐ neX operates entirely on open standards, including session initiation protocol (SIP) for interoperability with the broadest array of network, access, and back office equipment.

IP PBX Features through Hosted Solution‐ neX delivers enterprise‐wide, web‐based features with carrier‐grade reliability and scalability.

Reduced Operating Costs‐ neX enables users to self‐manage services and administrators to perform moves, adds, and changes via an intuitive web interface, thereby reducing operations and telecommunications costs.

Centralized Service Management with Global Reach‐ neX enables centralized management of nationwide/global voice services, offering uniform feature‐functionality to sites, regardless of location.

Operates on Standard Hardware‐ neX operates on NEBS‐complaint, Sun/Solaris and IBM/Linux hardware.

Multi‐Tiered Administration‐ neX provides web‐based service administration at multiple levels.

Business Services for Wireless‐ neX enables wireless devices to be integrated into a customer’s network/plans, thus allowing reduced costs in operating fixed, Mobile and FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence Platforms).

Service Creation Environment‐ neX allows the rapid creation of services and functionality for vertical and enterprise‐specific applications to meet our customer’s specific needs.


The neX platform is a software‐based IP embedded service with a standards‐based, modular architecture and uses common protocols and open interfaces. neX operates on standard, EBScompliant hardware with functionality distributed across the following:

  • Application Server‐ Responsible for execution and management of enhanced personal and group services; also includes optional web server.
  • Media Server‐ Provides a host of media services with extensive audio and video codecs support typically found in multiple servers, including Unified Messaging, IVR, Auto Attendant, N Way Conferencing, & Lawful Intercept.
  • Network Server‐ Provides translations and routing, media resource selection, private dial plans, emergency and service center routing, and system ingress/egress points.
  • Conferencing Server‐ Provides n‐way scheduled, recurring, and meet‐me conferencing with webbased setup, web‐presentation, recording, and manager control panel.
  • Element Management System‐ Provides a single point of access and interconnection for system management and troubleshooting.
  • External Web Server‐ Provides secure portal access, provisioning & call control proxy, and third party application support.
  • Call Logging Call Detail Server‐ Stores call detail data for enhanced call log services.
  • All systems are geographically redundant and mirrored in real time.

neX Applications

neX applications provide a cohesive set of communication features aimed at specific market needs.Applications include media‐based features such as voice mail, auto attendant, and personal calling features like Call Waiting, Hunting, Remote Office, Call Forwarding and click‐to‐dial. From a single system, neX can support any single or combination of the following applications:

Hosted PBX/IP Centrex‐ A network‐based telephony application that provides IP dial tone, personal and group calling features, and web‐configurable service management equivalent to a premises based IP-PBX.

  • Offers greater deployment flexibility without the investment, maintenance, and overhead of a traditional PBX.
  • Can be rolled out to specific sites, or across multiple sites to replace and/or complement existing premise equipment.
  • Calling features (e.g., call forward, voice mail, conferencing, etc.) equivalent to typical IP‐PBX/Centrex offering.

Mobile PBX‐ Enables providers to overlay enhanced PBX features such as screening, hunt groups, and extension dialing for mobile handsets. Provides an integrated feature set for a user’s desk phone and mobile phone, functions over existing 2G and wireless networks such as GSM and CDMA. Also functions through the IMS architecture.

SOHO Broadband Voice‐ POTS replacement service that provides basic and enhanced personal calling features over broadband access.

Business Trunking‐ Provides connectivity and network services for premises equipment such as a TDM PBX, IP PBX, and Key Telephone Systems (KBX). Enables service delivery over integrated IP access networks. Also, enables providers to overlay enhanced features such as Mobility, Hunt Groups, and messaging for users behind premises equipment. Can serve as the first step in an enterprise’s transition to fully hosted voice.



• Personal Services

• Automatic Callback

• CommPilot Call Manager

• Three-Way Calling

• Dial, Answer, Release, Hold, Retrieve

• Call Forwarding

• Directed Call Park

• Blind Transfer, Transfer with Consultation

• Extension Dialing

• Do Not Disturb

• Calling Line ID Delivery & Blocking

• Speed Dial 8 & 100

• Enhanced Privacy on Hold

• Phone Lists (Personal, Group & Call Log)

• Diversion Inhibitor

• Call Screening by Digit Pattern

• Call Transfer/Call Transfer Recall

• User-Managed Privacy

• Anonymous Call Rejection

• Always, Busy, No Answer, Remote Access, Ring Splash, Unreachable

• Web Portal Call Logs

• Call Hold and Call Trace Call Return & Last Number Redial

• IP Phone Support & Authentication

• Call Waiting & Cancel Call Waiting per Call

• Flash-Enabled Services & Star Codes

• Custom Ringback Group Distinctive & Priority Alert/Ringing

• Unified Messaging

* Voice, Messaging

* Retrieval Voice Messages from Voice Portal

* Voice Message Attachment to Email

* Personal Greetings & Name Recording

* Immediate Voice Mail

* Voice Message Call Back

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• Group Services

* Account Codes

* Authorization Codes

* Auto Attendant

* Receptionist Console

* Business Trunking

* Call Intercept

* Calling Group ID Delivery

* Calling Plans (Incoming, Outgoing)

* Configurable Extension Dialing

* Configurable Feature Codes

* Department Support

* Group Custom Ringback

• Hunt Groups

• Simultaneous Ring (group)

• Loudspeaker Paging

• Music on Hold

• Printable Group Directory

• Voice Portal

• Network Services


* Codec Based Routing

* Far-End Hop-Off

* Lawful Intercept (e.g. CALEA, ETSI)

* Least-Cost Routing

* Service Center Routing

* E911 Support

* Equal Access Policy

* Subscriber Location Service



neX supports multiple web‐based applications that enhance access to feature configuration and user productivity. The neX CommPilot web portal enables users to self‐configure and manage group and personal features in real‐time, minimizing support required for moves, adds, and changes. CommPilot can be deployed in multiple languages.



• Dual Redundant Platforms, connected via dedicated Gig-E Fiber Optic interfaces

• Distributed fault-tolerant network redundancy

• Primary, hot-standby Application Server configuration

• Clustered, load-balanced Network Server

• N+1 redundant Media/Conferencing Server

• N+1 redundant External Web Server

• N+1 redundant Element Management System

• Email Server Redundancy

Performance & Scalability

• Highly scalable, distributed architecture

• Supports G.729, G.726, H.263, and H.264 compression


System Management

• Accounting Management

• Call Detail Records, Transaction Logs

• Fault Management

• Integration with 3rd party network management systems

• Trouble-shooting tool.

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