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What does neXfax Service do?

neXfax Service is a leading provider of Business and Enterprise IP fax solutions. Through secure fax Services and Management Tools, neXfax Service enables businesses to use their existing IT systems to reliably send, receive, and manage their faxes. neXfax Service eliminates the need for separate fax servers and phone lines along with the maintenance issues and bottlenecks associated with them. Instead, neXfax Service works with the customer’s existing IT resources and delivers scalable, managed fax solutions with unique benefits like immediate return-on-investment and never-busy fax numbers.

neXfax Service and Internet fax Market Overview

Document management solutions like Internet Fax Services are experiencing tremendous growth due to various factors, including more stringent document retention requirements, the need to cut costs or simply to provide a reliable solution to replace old-fashioned fax servers. Although e-mail is often believed to have eliminated faxing needs, this is in fact not true; fax communications are relied upon daily by many industries and they are accepted as a legal document, often as the sole or primary communication type.

What is our fax Solution?

We specialize in offering Enterprise IP-based desktop solutions and production fax services over a worldwide platform to send and receive fax messages. What this means to you is that your organization has the ability to improve productivity over traditional systems and your fax costs can be reduced by up to 50% or more.

Key Features:

  • neXfax Service is a leading provider of Business Enterprise IP fax
  • neXfax Service Internet fax Desktop Solutions are directly integrated into Microsoft® Office
  • No fax servers, no fax lines, no fax machines, no maintenance costs
  • Send and receive faxes over a secure IP fax network

neXfax Service Network

The neXfax network is designed for the redundancy and security needs of Fortune 1000 companies, which is why more and more companies are becoming neXfax Service customers.

Q: My company has multiple locations worldwide, do you offer service there?

A: Yes, you can send documents to any fax machine worldwide, anytime*. neXfax Service also offers hundreds of area codes throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Key Benefits:

With neXfax Service, companies can achieve a unified solution for fax and email communications with one single platform that eliminates operating expenses. Costly hardware and software, license fees, equipment maintenance and other telecom costs associated with conventional fax solutions are completely eliminated:

  • Zero investment and no capital expense
  • Utilizes your existing IT infrastructure
  • Unlimited scalability and fax capacity

Enterprise and SOHO businesses all benefit from improved business messaging workflow and enhanced cost efficiency.

Individuals and companies are able to better manage their communications, improve business messaging workflow and enhance cost-efficiency. Ultimately, the benefits gained are greater convenience, higher productivity and significant cost savings.

efax Features for Microsoft® Office Users:

Send faxes from your desktop or laptop and receive faxes into your email inbox.

  • Select from pre-designed cover sheets or create your own
  • Sign or annotate faxes with full ink support using a Tablet PC
  • This security technology was developed by Microsoft.

Other unique features include neXfax Service fax Storage. Efax storage secures and protects fax documents on the neXfax Service network so your organization can store and manage fax messages electronically for quick retrieval. You can search and access faxes from any web browser, never have to worry about losing or misplacing documents, and guarantee safe back-up for data recovery. This feature enables companies to meet compliancy requirements such as HIPAA for fax communications.

*Extra Charges apply