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neXfone Business Trunking

The neXfone Business Trunking solution allows companies to take advantage of low‐cost SIP “trunks” to connect to a premises‐based phone system, such as traditional Key Telephone Systems (KTS) and Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) –  as well as leverage the inherent advantages of newer IP‐based PBXs. With our approach to SIP trunking, businesses can take advantage of the neXfone total suite of Converged Business capabilities to compliment Business Trunking, including Receptionist, mobility, and softphones services.

Business Trunking Overview

Business Trunking is built upon neXfones’ SIP application server suite and delivers SIP Connect compliant connectivity to a full range of Integrated Access Devices (IADs) and IP‐PBXs. A transport‐neutral solution that operates in both IP Multi‐media System (IMS) and standalone architectures, NEXFONE Business Trunking can be delivered through any IP access, including T1/E1, DSL, and Ethernet. For IP‐PBXs, NEXFONE provides a direct SIP connection to the PBX at the customer premises. For existing TDM PBXs, an integrated access device (IAD) connects the access line via analog or digital port hand off, to both customer voice equipment and an Ethernet switch.

Unique Business Continuity Features

  • Redundant Trunks – neXfone’s unique SIP‐based architecture allows for redundant SIP trunk connections into an enterprise.
  • Flexible Call Rerouting – neXfone supports a full complement of call rerouting capabilities, which allow administrators to automatically or manually divert incoming calls to alternative locations remotely.
  • Hosted PBX, Remote Office, Receptionist, Softphone – Leveraging the Hosted IP‐PBX, Remote Office functionality inherent in neXfone along with the softphone, enterprises can quickly return to normal business operations without a PBX or physical location.
  • Dynamically Growing Trunk Groups – neXfone allows a trunk group to dynamically grow its capacity to support increases in call volumes.

Hosted PBX “Ready”

Since the neXfone Business Trunking is built using existing Hosted IP‐PBX functionality, customers can easily and cost‐effectively expand their services portfolio by adding Hosted IP‐PBX services on the same hardware platform.