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Conference Calling

When it comes to cutting costs, businesses like yours turn to Conference Calling. Telco Experts offers Conference Calling to our clients at reasonable charges. With Telco Experts’ Conference Calling product you can:

  • Conduct meetings with remote clients or remote offices
  • Simply join multiple parties together to speak
  • Conduct team meetings and training sessions for employees
  • Use in conjunction with web conference, pod-casting and social networking (some benefits to this are that it allows the presentation host to provide explanations or answers to questions while participants to the call are viewing the information real time)

Conference calling is being used to reduce expenses like travel and employee “down time”. Using Conference Calling can allow your employees more active time and will in turn potentially increase productivity. Use our Conference Calling product as a means to reach out to larger audiences who can participate, regardless of their location, without increased expenses for travel.

Conference Calling benefits include:

Dedicated dial-in number and pass code
Always on, always available. No advance scheduling is required
Operator assistance by pressing *0
Over 100 participants.
Host selects unique code and informs participants
Star Commands—Manage your meeting from the telephone keypad

For more information on how Telco Experts’ Conference Calling product can help your company save money, contact us today at 1-800-795-6200!.