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Telco Experts offers Remote Call Forwarding to our customers so you can receive calls using a local telephone number that automatically routes your calls to your choice of business telephone numbers. Whether you have recently moved or have expanded your business, Remote Call Forwarding adds value to your business.


  • Gives customers outside your calling area the ability to reach you by making a local call
  • Expands your geographic reach – economically and professionally
  • Allows you to increase or decrease the number of lines in a Remote Call Forwarding group to meet seasonal demands or promotions


  • Sends Remote Call Forwarding calls one at a time
  • Provides flexibility to establish multiple Remote Call Forwarding lines (in a specific area) to handle high calling volume – for an additional charge

Contact Telco Experts today at 1-800-795-6200 or for more information on Remote Call Forwarding and how it can help your business..