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Why SIP Trunking?

With the emergence of low‐cost broadband and VoIP backbones, SIP‐based VoIP trunking is rapidly becoming the standard for interconnecting a business’ premises‐based communications equipment to the PSTN.

SIP trunking offers enterprises many advantages over traditional analog lines or Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) interfaces, including:

  • 30% lower service cost structure
  • Advanced disaster recovery features
  • No Geographic Number Restrictions (move your business without changing your phone numbers)
  • Ability to realize the full cost benefits of IP‐PBXs by providing direct SIP peering and eliminating expensive TDM to VoIP gateways at the customer premises.

Customers can use the Business Trunking solution leverage their current PBX offering with neXfone next generation IP‐based telecom service capabilities.

NeXfone VoIP Network

Working closely with our customers, we have crafted a Business Trunking solution unique in our market place.

Industry Leader – With deployments that supply service in numerous countries worldwide, we have a wealth of technical and business experience to assist businesses in enabling SIP Trunking to the current telephony CPE.

IAD/IP PBX Interoperability – We realize that SIP interoperability testing with IADs, Session Border Controllers (SBCs), and IP‐PBXs is one of biggest impediments to a carrier’s service launch. We have invested heavily in interoperability testing, resulting in a comprehensive solution portfolio. Interoperability testing is an ongoing activity, so new vendors and solutions are added regularly.


neXfone Business Trunking delivers an easily deployable, economical, and proven path to move enterprise customers to a VoIP infrastructure. Contact Telco Experts today to learn more about Business Trunking for your telecommunication needs..