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Toll-Free Services

Toll-free service expands your reach beyond your local calling area by providing your current customers as well as potential customers the ability to contact you whenever they need to, from wherever they are – it’s easy, it’s convenient and it’s at no cost to your customers. This makes Telco Experts’ toll-free service an effective way to communicate with your customers, expand your market area, and ultimately grow your business.

Telco Experts offers low monthly and per-minute rates to our clients. We can provide you with new toll free numbers or you can bring your current number to Telco Experts. From there we work with you on the most efficient configuration for your business. For example, you may want to assign a toll free number to specific business functions within your organization; such as customer service and technical support. Toll Free service through Telco Experts allows calls to terminate to any telephone and is fully compatible with call management features.

Toll Free Benefits & Features:

  • Inbound toll-free calls are routed to a termination location of your choice. Telco Experts offers additional blocking and routing options which will enhance the level of service from your Toll Free numbers
  • Number portability – you can keep your existing toll-free number when you become a Telco Experts client
  • Inbound toll-free calls can originate from anywhere in the US, Canada or Internationally
  • Expense minimization – avoid the cost of collect calls or phone card calls from employees on the road
  • Telco Experts’ toll free services work with both switched and dedicated facilities
  • Vanity Toll Free: Upon your request (subject to availability) Telco Experts will look to find you a Toll Free number that is brand-relevant (“vanity”). These may be a numbers that spell something or be a series of numbers that are easy for your customers to remember
  • With our enhanced billing and reporting options, your Toll Free Numbers and their usage will appear on your monthly invoice, allowing you a quick and easy way to track and manage your calls

If your company has toll free numbers and are ready to bring them to Telco Experts or if you are interested in more information, please contact Telco Experts at 1-800-795-6200 or email