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contacts48 Hr. PRI is a revolutionary voice service from Telco Experts that enables businesses to make all phone calls using their current high-speed Internet access in conjunction with an existing phone system and handsets.

48 Hr. PRI allows businesses with an on-site Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system (such as Avaya, Lucent, Nortel, Cisco, etc.) to establish voice connectivity through their existing Internet connection (such as Ethernet, T1, Cable or DSL)

Available nationwide, 48 Hr. PRI can support up to 23 voice lines, with numbers available in most major metropolitan markets. Install 48 Hr. PRI easily, and enjoy reliable and affordable calling anywhere. 

How It Works

48 Hr. PRI works just like a regular phone line with one important difference- how the calls are delivered to the PBX. By using your Internet connection and eliminating expensive telephone company’s wiring you receive calls like you’re used to without any changes. By answering a few questions about the current configuration of your PBX system, we will custom-configure your 48 Hr. PRI device and ship it to you ready to use.

If your business has a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system with a PRI connection, 48 Hr. PRI will is an affordable and reliable PRI service alternative to costly PRI solutions from traditional telephone companies. 48 Hr. PRI will work with your business’s existing PBX system and their existing handsets.

48 Hr. PRI  enables you to call anyone and everyone using your Internet connection with no loss of reliability, efficiency, or voice quality. For your home or business, 48 Hr. PRI supports multiple lines and local and long distance calling. Your existing telephone’s dial tone, phone ring, calling features (such as call waiting and voice mail), and hunting will all function the same.


  • With 48 Hr. PRI, businesses can make all phone calls using their High-Speed Internet connection and their existing phone system and handsets
  • Available anywhere in the United States
  • Affordable, reliable and fast!
  • Utilizes simple edge device to connect
  • Installs in a few hours, not days!
  • Includes 1 new phone number (Numbers are available in most major metropolitan markets)**
  • Usage is billed at a low per minute rate or purchase one of our affordable calling packages
  • Can be used as an affordable primary or as an affordableback-up voice solution

* Quality-of-service (QoS) for voice calls is supported only on broadband connections provided directly on the Telco Experts data network

** Number portability (porting) is not supported at launch

Telco Experts can deliver a SIP PRI to connect to your IP or traditional phone system within 48 hrs or less!

Telco Experts can deliver a SIP PRI to connect to your IP or traditional phone system within 48 hrs or less!


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