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FCC receives record 3 million net neutrality comments: What now?

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s deadline for the public to comment on the agency’s proposed net neutrality rules passed Monday with more than 3 million comments filed, by far a record number for an FCC proceeding. The 3 million comments, as of midday Monday, eclipsed the 1.4 million complaints the FCC received related to singer […]

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Netflix, Mozilla, Vimeo and Others to Launch Online Protest for Net Neutrality

“We believe in the free and open Internet”  A group of popular websites that rely on speedy Internet service — including Netflix, Vimeo and Reddit — will launch an online protest Wednesday against controversial proposed changes to “net neutrality.” The coalition of companies, who call themselves Team Internet, will use the spinning “still loading” symbol on banners […]

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Net Neutrality Debate Threatens 911 Emergency Services

While the net neutrality debate rages on across the blogosphere and peeks its head out again in Washington, D.C., much of the United States remains either ignorant of net neutrality or ambivalent. A recent poll conducted by Google Consumer Surveys showed that roughly 57 percent of Americans felt they “do not know enough about net […]

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Verizon: Reclassifying broadband under Title II will endanger the entire Internet ecosystem

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) has taken the latest stab at the FCC’s Open Internet rulemaking proceeding by calling the regulator out on its option to “reclassify” broadband Internet access service as a Title II common carriage telecommunications service. In its filing, the service provider said that Title II was developed at a time when traditional POTS […]

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