Nice to meet you.

Telco Experts is a Voice and Data Telecommunications provider as well as a full-service consulting firm serving the business community with a passion for connecting people with what matters with integrity and compassion. We are based out of New York, NY.

Team Stats

Our employee retention rate in 2021

The average number of years our leadership team has been in the telecommunications space

Number of team members we currently have, but we’re growing

Core values

Our Values

These are values that describe our company culture and the daily emotional and behavioral expectations of our team members – what we expect from ourselves, what we expect from our fellow team members and what we look for in candidates for employment. They apply to how we work with each other on a daily basis as well as with our clients, prospective clients, vendors, suppliers and business partners.

High expectations,
high humility

We always have
your back


Talk quietly and
listen loudly

Stir the secret sauce
and keep it fresh

A Telco Expert can be anyone
and come from anywhere